Irina Shayk Wore A Crazy, Wonderful Versace Dress To Cannes

At first glance this looks like the sort of dress that was created to look crazy on a runway and then be talked about in editorials but never actually worn. Maybe Donatella would lend it out to Lady Gaga to wear as a costume, but nobody but would actually wear it in real life. And yet it works. Irina Shayk looks like a damn superhero. And she knows it, too. That weird breastplate seems to be an optical illusion. I cant figure out how it was put together, but it might be the worlds best use of sheer illusion fabric. Her weird/sexy fluorescent couture is a huge step up from last year, when she just showed up in a naked sexy bombshell dress and looked boring and sexy.
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Kim Kardashian Says Wedding Dress Is “Perfect” After Fitting – Yahoo TV

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Enforcing School Dress Codes Teaches Girls to be Ashamed, Not ‘Modest’ | Alternet

At Stuyvesant, dress code violators are pulled out of class and made to change into a large baggy shirt. (There are dress codes for boys, but they’re not as frequently enforced and all a male student generally has to do is keep his pants up and t-shirts referencing drugs inside-out.) As I’ve previously written , this sends a clear message about who the schoolsreallycare about. Because truly, what’s more distracting: boys and teachers having to deal with the occasional glimpse of a girl’s leg, or girls being pulled from class, humiliated and made to change before returning? Dress codes assume that it’s male students whose learning needs to be protected and adult males who need protection from themselves. What girls need doesn’t rate consideration. Instead of mandating that girls cover their bodies or adhere to rules meant to humiliate them, perhaps men and boys who truly can’t control their gaze should be forced to wear blindfolds when they’re around women they otherwise would be “distracted” by. Sound ridiculous?
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